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4 Strong Paws

4 Strong Paws top quality dog food is our choice for our Poodle family and puppies. Complete and balanced meal of fresh meats, fish, bio-available carbohydrates, healthy fats, whole fruits, vegetables and botanicals that will exceed both your puppy and adult dogs' nourishment requirements.


Receive $5.00 off your first order when you use promo code


Call 888-868-4889

Please see the Ordering Instructions for your puppy's 4 Strong Paws dog food. Please remember to order prior to picking up your puppy.


ORDERING: Go to s/ and select the Puppy Food - follow the simple instructions for ordering. A credit card is required. You can also call 4 Strong Paws' toll free number and place your order by phone. Please call 888-868-4889.


COUPON: Use the following code when placing your order to receive $5 OFF your first order: 4401-f4s5


FREE SHIPPING: Your 4 Strong Paws order will be delivered fresh within 2-3 business days. (Shipping fees may be applicable in certain zones. You will be contacted if applicable).


4 Strong Paws Health Benefits:

  • Quality Chicken & Salmon Meal proteins

  • Omega-3 rich Salmon Oil (source of DHA for puppy's brain development)

  • Coconut Oil for healthy skin and shiny coats

  • Prebiotics and Probiotics for excellent digestions

  • Glucosamine and Chondroitin for strong hips and joints

  • Healthy Fruits & Vegetables

  • Super Foods for Extra Protection

  • Canadian-made with locally sourced ingredients

We have been having tremendous results with 4 Strong Paws and our dogs. We know that the majority of our clients can readily get 4 Strong Paws delivered right to their door for an excellent price. Therefore we desire all our new puppy clients to continue feeding 4 Strong Paws for at least the first 3-years of your new puppy's life so that we can be assured that all of our puppies continue to receive a quality dog food with all the proper nutrients for your puppy's optimal development and well being. 

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