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Its All About Your Puppy

Standard Poodle


 Your puppy will come with a complete vet health examination, their first set of shots and micro chip implant.

We send each pup home with a collar, a leash, a small ball and some food to help graduate puppies diet to your own choice of puppy food. We prefer Inukshuk premium dog food. 

Their coats will be clean, nails trimmed and faces and bottoms neatly trimmed.

 Potty training will have been introduced and began.

 Puppy will be socialized to family, grandkids, other pets, steps, toys and many other challenges to begin their lives with courage and with confidence instilled in their young personalities.

 They will be socialized and handled every day and orientated to the sound of clippers and the feel of their paws being handled and nails clipped.

They will have had baths and been dewormed every 2 weeks since birth and now weaned from drinking moms milk to eating puppy food.

 Mom will still be nearby to teach and play with them but this becomes less and less as mom pulls away instinctively, leaving them to interact more and more with their litter mates and their surroundings.

They will have spent many hours with family and playing or sleeping on my kitchen floor in bunches of 4 to 6 at one time.

We will begin using the new name you have picked to call your puppy.

In a nutshell, each and every puppy will come preloved, happy and equipped to begin his or her new life in their forever homes.


We prefer to not dock tails. We believe natural tails to be beautiful and advantageous to the dog, but if you feel strongly that you want your puppy to have a docked tail this procedure must be done at 3 days of age .You must pick your puppy quickly to have this request fulfilled. After 3 days of age we will not do tail docking of our puppies.

Puppy are sold as family pets and come with no breed contracts.


Place your deposit to hold your puppy from one of these or an upcoming litter. 

First deposits, first pick.

If you request a certain sex and we can not offer you your choice of sex you may wait for another litter, or we will gladly return your deposit.

Deposits will not be returned if you simply change your mind but we as responsible breeders want excellent placements for our pups and would consider your reasons for your decision to do so, the age of said puppy and other considerations.  

We prefer e-transfer for deposit payments.

E-transfer provides its own receipt. They are easily placed and returned just as easily.

Other methods of deposit will also be accepted as some folks do not have on-line banking. Paper receipts will be provided for your deposit


If you are serious about one of our puppies we appreciate your inquiries via email or our form but before you make your deposit we wish to speak to all our new puppy families in person So a phone call is required. We want to know a bit about where and to whom our puppies are going. We love to see them go to families, singles, sports people and retired folks. People of all walks of life. Poodles are a dog that adapts to every lifestyle with or without other pets to share their families with. We look forward to speaking with each new puppy parent. We will be there to answer any questions or concerns along the way and love to get updates and pictures as your new puppy grows.

We will be posting pics from each breeding pair. We also post a video each week so that you can watch your puppy grow up.

You will find our contact information here on our website.


Serious inquirers, please feel free to contact us at any time for further information about our coming litters.

Our puppies are homed as family members only.

No Poodle breeders please.

Standard Poodle Puppies For Sale


Miniature Poodle Puppies For Sale

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