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Last year we lost our beloved Belle. We were devastated and our little
morkie was so lonesome. We talked about the possibility of getting another dog but we were still grieving over our loss.
I found Colleen when I was just "checking" out what puppies were
out there. Georgia's litter of 11 were just born. I sent an email off to
Colleen, she answered all my questions and concerns. She definitely made me more at ease on this "big decision" because getting a puppy/dog is a big deal. I fell in love with these puppies immediately and I had 2 months to prepare for a new dog (mentally & puppy stuff) :) 
Although I was a little slow choosing because I couldn't figure out which
puppy I wanted, I knew I wanted a female and was leaning towards a black one as we already have a black & white parti morkie. I had my eye on Gracie & Luna but ended up with Piper. I think everything happens for a reason, that she was meant to be part of our family and I am thankful everyday it worked out that way. 
In the whole process after picking a puppy Colleen was fantastic. I
live 5+ hours away so I couldn't just go visit our puppy. They sent me lots of pictures and made sure they gave me a shout out when posting videos as the puppies grew.
The experience with Colleen was nothing short of great! The puppies are
loved and well taken care of, raised in the house with rest of the family
(just wait until you meet Bo & Georgia xo) Is it any wonder these puppies have the best temperament, intelligent and even have quirky traits (moaning) LOL Our girl is 9 months old, 48 lbs and tall like her momma :)  
Our hearts are so full of love for this Standard Poodle. She fit right into
our family. Whether its hanging out on our 85 acres at home exploring while on long walks or if its playing with every breed/size dog at doggy play dates, going to the cottage or just chilling on the couch on movie night. Piper is so intelligent (unbelievably), loving, comical and the best temperament ever....she loves everyone and everything.
I cannot believe we waited this long to experience a Standard Poodle. I am
so very happy we found Colleen, I honestly cant say enough about her
pups, obviously I think they are the best because I have Piper, I think she is the end all be all of Standard Poodles :)

Andrea Chesher

Piper 8
Piper 6
Piper 4
Piper 2
Piper 1
Piper 7
Piper 5
Piper 3

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