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Standard Poodle

Meet Jet. 

 Jet is now retired and lives in her forever home.

 Jet was one of our breeding females, Rivers sister, from our beloved Georgia's last and final litter. We bred Georgia to a big black male for her final litter. The male was 8 years old and still retained his jet black coat. Jets dad comes from a long line of red poodles and he was the only black puppy in 5 generations of puppies. Jets dad was a therapy dog.

 Black poodles to me are the ultimate look in poodle beauty! 

 Jet is a beauty for sure!! Calm and of a sturdier, stronger but still very graceful body type. She will grow fairly tall and stronger then some other poodles, she will retain that bouncy appealing poodle movement we so love.

Jets dad comes from old world lines that frankly are not common anymore. Jet is named for her blackness. She is indeed JET BLACK. There is not a hint of brown, grey or red in her beautiful coat. Her black coat is matched beautifully with her coal black nose and black paw pads. When she lays down on a black rug, she disappears. It is hard to get good photos of her as all you see is black! Jet will not show any red or silver in her very jet black coat ever. 

Jet is a busy girl. Jet loves to carry sticks and toys about in her mouth, loves to fetch a ball and is very loving. Jet is the first to let us know someone is at the door. She will bark a warning and her bark describes her in that it is a big bark. 

 She loved playing and socializing with her buddy Rosie and any other dogs who visited us. Jet has enjoyed long walks and exciting bus rides on our city bus. She loved to meet people on the bus and soak up the admiration and the pats she received when on our bus trips. We always stopped by the pet feed mill for hellos and there was always a treat to be had at the store. 

 Jet has learned sit, lay down, stay and wave. She is indeed a very smart girl.   

Jets coat is soft and lush. Black poodles have the gorgeous coats. Jet is easy to work with when grooming and now sports leg poms which she very much suits with her black coat. It is fun to try different styles. We enjoy the looks and the poodles don't mind the change.  Jet is a real show stopper!! 

Black Standard Poodle
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Standard Poodle

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