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Juno entered our family at the age of 8 weeks. As we are from Ottawa, it was impossible for us to meet all the puppies and hand select our new puppy. So we asked Colleen to reserve a male puppy with a calm and focused temperament. As my wife is psychotherapist and I am in the military. We were looking for a dog suitable to be an emotional support dog. Colleen was true to her word.  Juno is the most wonderful dog.  After 10 months Juno has grown to 65 pounds and has entered into training to be a qualified service dog for PTSD. After 3 lessons Juno has passed his public access test and is now officially in service dog training. His calm and focused nature, his ability to learn quickly, and his intuitive, compassionate nature makes him a perfect fit for our family.  He is the emotional support that we were both wanting and now have in spades. We want to thank Colleen for her maintaining high standards in breeding poodles and for personally selecting the perfect pet for our family.  We would highly, highly recommend Colleen! 



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