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Colleen Slack, Rick Slack


Gabrielle Slack, Colleen Slack

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We are the Slack family. My name is Colleen Slack. My husbands name is Richard Slack better known as Rick. We have 7 children between us both, all of which are grown.

  I am retired from a total of 36 years in the Health Care field. More then 30 of those years employed in one place.

  Many years prior to retirement I dreamed of someday having my own pair of mated Standard Poodles to fulfill my dream of enjoying and breeding this wonderful dog.

  My thoughts were to do so in a small and caring way. I am doing just that !.


  Our dogs are part of our family They live, sleep and eat in our home with us and enjoy all aspects of family life 

   My dogs were first chosen from healthy compatible bloodlines to ensure healthy strong puppies

   Being drawn to the newer parti colors i did research and found some interesting facts.

The very beginnings of the Standard poodle breed came from 2 and 3 colored dogs used for working and hunting. 

   Since that time Poodles have been made to look like foofy, silly ,dainty, delicate dogs. In fact they are versatile and hardy dogs perfect for hunting agility therapy and many other jobs Poodles love jobs and are willing to do anything you ask. They train very easily and love to tag along doing what you are doing .

   Poodles are in fact now proven to be the very smartest of all dogs including the renowned Border Collie. As one long time breeder once said to me "Poodles are born with a PHD preinstalled in their brains". That was his way of expressing this breeds intelligence !!


  Our breeding dogs have eyes tested and they have tested good.

  Hip testing can only be guarantee for that day only The test is no guarantee for hip health of any dogs entire life.

We have chosen dogs with parents and grandparents with good hips 

My male is now past 5 and has the agile hips of his youth and no issues at all He has the agility of his pupphood still.

  Our puppies are born in our home We get to know each one individually and so can help you make the right choice of puppy for you .

They are socialized to our Himalayan cat Cinders, other dogs in the home Stairs going in and out to encourage potty training and getting fresh air and sunshine, and of course as they grow they play with our grandkids.

Our puppies get baths brushed and nails clipped This keeps them tidy and also serves to familiarize the pups to these things so they are not afraid when the tasks need to be done.

We have an outdoor play area and hut for outdoor time and sunshine in fine weather This they love. Puppies love the smells of outdoors and the feel of the ground.

  Although our prices are lower then many bigger breeders, we know our pups are from impressive linage, healthy, strong, socialized and go to homes that keep contact telling us how well their pup is doing and some folks have come back for a second pup at a later litter.

  We are happy if you are looking at our pups due to the fact that poodles are truly a non shedding dog, good for those who have allergies or simply like a clean house free of dog hair.

   Honestly though, our real wish is to share with you the best kept secret.

That is the awesomeness of this hardy intelligent and most beautiful breed ,

The Standard Poodle

Familys Standard Poodles

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Male standard poodle
Female standard poodle

Bobo is a 5 year old parti colored Standard poodle unaltered male, pewter, silver and white in color He is almost a tuxedo in pattern. His dark pattern does not come to his front leg on one side. However, Bobo has sired more then a few complete tuxedo marked parti colored  puppies. Parti by the way means more then one color in the coat of the dog. It is strictly a term for color not a breed. Bo is of average size for a standard poodle. His tail was docked to two thirds before he came to us and I must say that I would much rather it had been left natural. Bo has had his eyes tested and they tested good He has no history in his parentage of hip problems and at age  5 maintains his youthful flexibility and shows no signs of any hip problem . His vet exams show Bobo to be in excellent health  Bo has a wonderful sweet and tolerant nature . He wants to please and loves nothing better then being with us at home or in the car. He has enjoyed camping, swimming, hiking, playing with the Grandkids and any puppies waiting to go home. He will fetch a ball sit and stay just inside at the door until invited to leave during wet weather .He will go get daddy when it is time for Daddy to get up .He is not a terrible barker unless he has another dog to encourage him and often keeps his barking to tell us he wants in from the garden. If we are lazy Bo is quite happy to be lazy also Bobo is a beautiful example of the Standard Poodle. We are very proud of our Boy Bo. 

Parti Poodle

Georgia is a beautiful  female Standard Poodle . Georgia is now retired from breeding. I homed her to my Daughter and her family when Georgia was 8 weeks of age. Georgia has grown up with a family growing alongside her . She has experienced 3 toddlers .the youngest of which is now almost two years old. Georgia is in love with her children and considers them her responsibility. While outside she watches over them carefully and will always warn of anyone different coming near. These kids have crawled all over Georgia since they were able and Georgia is in her glory with it all. Georgia is a bit taller then the average Standard Poodle She is apricot in color and what I would call leggy and very handsome dog. Georgia has had her eyes tested and they tested good . No hip problems in her linage and no sign of any hip problems in her at past three years of age .Our vet exams say Georgia is in wonderful health With all her devotion to the children Georgia is bonded strongly to my daughter most of all and does not want to leave her side..With her first litter Georgia was such a wonderful mom Even showing that she would be a devoted mom by stealing a pup from another new mom while still a puppy herself. We found Georgia cuddling the two week old puppy which she took into another room to mother.  Georgia has given us one beautiful litter of healthy strong puppies with a variation of five color types . She will soon birth a second litter and we are hopeful of the same. Georgia is much more then a dog to her family . She is their friend and protector a comfort to the children and company for my daughter . Georgia is a much loved member of my daughters family. 


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