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Kori Busch

Kori is a dog groomer and an artist

I really must say how impressed I am with the upkeep on this little guy! He loves being brushed and his hair is in excellent condition! I appreciate your efforts as I have seen many puppies come straight from the breeder to get hair cuts because of their matting! You did an amazing job! Smart as a whip this boy! Training is a breeze with him, he is extremely affectionate and definitely my best friend!! He loves the snow, we go to a local park and he just runs around biting at the snow flakes. He is growing fast! We just weighed him yesterday and he is 38lbs!! He is in great shape and just absolutely loves everyone and everything! This is the first dog I've ever met who can calmly walk up to a squirrel and give him a sniff! It's incredible! He has an extremely gentle soul and demeanour. Thank you again for bringing this joy into my life! I couldn't be happier :) 


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