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Cheryl took 2 Standard Poodles Puppies home to Quebec

Cheryl Brazeau

Cheryl and the boys trail ride with her horses

I need to get the word out on how happy I am that I purchased my 2 boys from you, Colleen. I knew I had to make the 7 hour drive from Quebec because when I saw the pups on your web site and  I knew your puppies were the ones I would pick as my new best friend to bring home. They looked happy and healthy so I thought what do I have to lose. When I called you I knew right then and there that you were the person I wanted to deal with . I had searched all over the internet and called multiple breeders … I was not impressed . You are a dog person first and a breeder second . You loved your pups and when I went it was very clear as you were very protective making sure we washed and sterilized our hands before touching the pups.

I ended up purchasing 2 boys Shiloh and Odin.

What I appreciated is Colleen would not let the boys go until I was approved as they are her boys first and she was very protective over her Canine Kids… 
Well let me say I would buy a puppy from her again and highly recommend her to my friends , and as one dog lover to another you just know when you meet her and see the healthy babies she has. If you want the most beautiful , smart pups ever …maybe I am bias but I think my boys are the most beautiful perfect pups!!  Thank you Colleen for these two clowns they make me laugh everyday !!


I would like you to post this on your website and share my joy over adopting your Canine Kids they bring me endless joy,  please feel free to use the picture I have attached as a happy client.


Thank you Cheryl  Brazeau, Shiloh and Odin

Shiloh and Odin

Standard Poodle Breeders Manitoba

Standard Poodle Breeders Quebec

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