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Red Standard Poodle

Rosie has retired is now in her forever home where is is doing great! Rosie has given us some amazing puppies.

Rosie or Rosie Posie as we often dubb her, is simply made out of fun, fur and vigor! She  would great us each morning with a wiggly, wagging body of happiness. Rosie has simply captured our hearts! She may be up to mischief at any given moment and to escape the others getting after her she will quickly dart under a chair or behind a table with the bone or toy she has stolen from someone else. This little red smarty pants is just to cute for words. We just cannot stay cross with Rosie.   She can sit and lay down on command but with all that energy she has yet to master stay for more then the count of three. The entertainment value in Rosie makes her worth a million to us. Rosie has old world poodle in her linage as well and many different lines then any of our other poodles. Her parents were first registered with AKC then, when shipped to Canada, they were registered with our club the CKC. Both Rosies parents are red Standards weighing around 48 lbs. Not small not real big, just the right size Red Standard Poodle for any lifestyle. Rosie took to the city bus rides like she owned the town and I was not at all surprised . Our Rosie is just the cutest and prettiest girl with the absolute face of an angel and a mind like a steel trap. Thats our Rosie Linda  

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