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Charlie was one of our breeding males in a guardian home. He is now retired and lives up on the Bruce Peninsula.

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Charlie comes from a line of poodles which are large in size.

Charlie weighs approximately 58 lbs. and is 24" at the shoulder.

His linage are very large, while being calm and laid back in nature.

Charlie was checked and double checked by a vet to make sure he was the right quality for us to adopt into our breeding program. Charlie has sired some very lovely puppies. 

  Charlie has been homed with a nice couple on the Bruce Peninsula. He is a very happy boy. He loves to run in the park and easily keeps pace with the adults due to his long legs. Charlie just loves water and whether it is a puddle or lake he insists on getting into it with his whole body and heart. No water escapes his attention. Our Charlie has grown to be a beautiful big boy.

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