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Georgia Peach

Georgia was one of the top breeding poodles in Ontario, she is now retired and lives in her forever home.

Georgia giving baby Ireland love & kisses!

My Daughter, Georgia's Mom, Gabrielle on our beautiful April walk with all of the poodles


Standard Poodle

My Georgia was such a loving and caring my three children shes simply amazing. I love her so much!
I never realized how amazing this breed of dog truly was until I owned one for myself.
They really are an everything kind of breed..(Gabrielle Slack)

Familys Standard Poodles - Georgia
Female Standard Poodle
Apricot Standard Poodle
Georgia and Ireland

Georgia & Ireland waiting to go for Thanksgiving dinner

Standard Poodle
Standard Poodles
Poodle Stud Service Ontario
Gabrielle Slack
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