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Parti Poodle

At 6 plus years, Bobo is our oldest boy. I often think that Bo would have made an excellent therapy dog. He is extremely attentive and wants nothing more then to please me. He seems to know when I am sick or upset and shows response by whining or drawing near. He is a very obedient boy. He can be let out free to do his toileting, told to go to the back yard and he will do so, returning quickly to the door when finished his business. Bo can walk off leash and be obedient to my commands as we walk. When we have a litter of puppies and I put them outside for potty in the morning, when it is still dark, I have placed Bo there and told him to sit by the enclosure and stay. He will still be there when I return in 15 minuets, guarding the puppies. Bo loves our grand kids and greets them with excitement and affection. He is not a barker and will only let me know that he wants in. Bo listens to my hubby and other family but between you and I, Bo is dedicated to me. He is my boy! He sleeps by my bed or jumps into his crate. He is quiet content to retreat to his penthouse crate to escape the antics of our 2 half grown girls, Jet and Rosie. His crate door is always open for him and he often naps there belly up, legs sprawled. Bo has fathered many litters, ours and other breeders as well. My husband calls him “Studley Doright”. Our vet tells us he is a gorgeous example of his breed and in fact Bo comes from excellent linage .He has perfect teeth and clear dark eyes that never need attention. He has a coat that, because he has no tight curls and his hair is not fine, resists tangle and grooms beautifully into any style I have in mind. I can honestly boast that Bobo is a perfect boy and I could not ask for a better companion and versatile dog. He took to the city bus very well and I would like to teach him to wear a harness and pull a wagon. He just loves to feel he is doing something important. Maybe we could have an entire dog team! Bo could lead the pack. Something I just might try. I am expecting may more years with Bobo. He has the agility of a puppy and the vim and viger to match. Everyone that gets to know Bobo loves him but he would not go home with just anyone, He is my Boy all the way.

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