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Standard Poodle

Reese is our current breeding female. A delightful girl, Reese can be very animated and a very entertaining girl. We love her sweet friendly disposition and desire for a lot of cuddles and loving. Whenever Reese is out, wherever she goes, people stop and admire her for her beautiful chocolate color, prancing movements and attentive ways. What a funny and charming girl is our Reese!!

 We have recently acquired a co-owner for our Reese. Our house tenant and friend Angela, who lives in our cozy spot downstairs, has taken on Reeses care. Reese sleeps by Angie’s bedside each night, goes on wonderful walks daily and is thrilled to have Angie all to herself. Reese loves to cuddle and play in the park as well as playing with her stuffed animals. She also enjoys meeting new people and their four legged friends.

 When Reese is due to give birth to her puppies, she will return to us upstairs to birth and care for her puppies under our watchful eyes. She will occupying her whelping box in our big kitchen dinning room area. Angela will undoubtedly take a part in caring for and enjoying Reese’s puppies until they leave for their new forever homes.

 In the picture shown of Reese it shows her standing on hind legs visiting with her friend, our cat Cinders. I believe Reese is having a love affair with Cinders because Reese is constantly nosing and pestering poor Cinders. In the picture Cinders gives Reese a lesson in Manners.

When Reese is finished her breeding program she will belong entirely to Angela so she will never need to be homed away from those she loves and who love her.

Standard Poodle
Standard Poodle
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Standard Poodle
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