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Phantom Poodle


Here is Black River, our youngest stud and a beloved family member in my daughters home. River is still growing. At 7 months he is a VERY BIG boy. He already weights 58 lbs and we expect him to be 60 to 65 pounds when fully grown.

 River is what is called a phantom coloured Standard Poodle. That means simply that he sports the brown markings of the doberman on his largely black coat. The brown along his jaw, on his eyebrows and on his lower legs make him a phantom. It is a difference in color only.  

 This boy has a beautiful and sweet disposition. A gentle giant one might say. When River is grown he will be a very calm steadfast boy. Puppies are a bundle of energy, all puppies are. River at 7 months is already becoming more of a calm and focused dog. He walks well on a leash right beside my daughter and sometimes off leash. River loves the kids. At his latest vet visit, River was excellent. When placed on the examination table, he layed down and allowed the vet to work with him, no problem.

 River loves car rides, he settles in well while traveling, except for the odd kiss he gives you from behind your seat, you would not know he was there. He enjoys going to the lake and playing off leash in the water and will not wander. He has become strongly bonded with his family, especially my daughter who is finding he adapts better and better to the grooming table. He and their Mingcoon cat named August get along famously. Very seldom is August not soaked with River's wet kisses. River spends time visiting us and the pups for play dates. We hope in future to have gorgeous puppies through our boy River but for now River has a lot of growing and maturing to do. He will make a wonderful stud poodle.

Standard Poodle
Phantom Poodle
Phantom Poodle


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